Cookie Factory is an artist-founded studio based in Kiel, a sea side city in northern Germany. Our works focus on the possibilities that materials will be and push the technique to follow the imagination. Through the sensible mind of artists, Cookie Factory presents the potential of materials, which is rarely known or even ignored.


let's put the value given by the society aside.


 The every first product of Cookie Factory is the earring holder made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). This material is typically made up of 82% wood fiber and often considered as lower value than solid wood. But what we are fascinated about MDF is the beautiful cookie-brown color, the smooth surface and the stability. 


We use the characteristic of material to create all of our products.

For us, that is where the beauty begins. 

 Founder & Artist

Meng-Chan Yu


Meng-Chan Yu (born in Taiwan) is always fascinated about the people, who can turn the "normal" things into something special. It could be a film maker, who combined daily scenes together and turn it into a unforgettable story.

This thinking influences not only at working but also at private life. She loves the second-hand stores more than the "in-time" fashion shopping. 90% of what she wears is second-hand.    


For more works of Meng-Chan, you can find them here



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