Cobalt Sea Stone Porcelain Dangle Earring / Oval / Deep Blue, Pure White / Sterling Silver Earring Hooks

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Cobalt is a chemical element, which has been used for centuries to impart a rich blue color in ceramics. Especially with porcelain, which need high temperature for firing, the cobalt can stand against the heat and still keep its clear blue color. Inspired by the classic color combination of pure white and cobalt blue from porcelain, the white terrazzo earring is made to stay for long term.


The porcelain dangle earring is carefully hand crafted in our artisan studio in north Germany. The shape is sanded by hand to ensure the smooth, clean texture. With the glazed surface, the dangle earrings will be shining in an elegant way - not too over glittering, not too dark without any reflection of light.  


You can dress up or down with these porcelain dangle earring - to the wedding, to party, to work, or just during your daily life with casual looks. It is lightweight to wear. This pattern is also available in white.


MATERIAL: Porcelain, transparent glaze, 925 sterling silver hooks

SIZE: Porcelain (without hooks) length 21 mm



As all the porcelain products of Cookie Factory are hand crafted, they might have slight inconsistencies which make every piece absolutely unique.

The item will be wrapped with Cookie Factory gift box and is ready for gift giving.

Before placing an order, please read the return policy.

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