Golden Waterdrop Porcelain Dangle Earring / 14K Gold Fill Earring Hooks

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Inspired by the nature stones, the light water blue porcelain layers is carefully coasted one after another. Due to the making method, the golden water drop porcelain earrings are walking on the edge between man-made and nature. The tiny stripes and the 14/20 gold-filled hooks add even more fine character to the whole pieces.


You can dress up or down with these porcelain dangle earring - to the wedding, to party, to work, or just during your daily life with casual looks. It is lightweight to wear.


MATERIAL: Porcelain, transparent glaze, 14/20 gold-filled hooks

SIZE: Porcelain (without hooks) /length 16 mm


Q: What is 14/20 gold-filled (14K GF)?

A: 14/20 gold-fill contains 1/20 of 14 karat gold with relation to the brass fill/core (5%). The gold layer found on 14K GF items are 50-100x thicker than what is found on a gold plated items. 14K GF is hard wearing and has a more rich, gold color. By handle it with great care, it should last a lifetime.



As all the porcelain products of Cookie Factory are hand crafted, they might have slight inconsistencies which make every piece absolutely unique.

The item will be wrapped with Cookie Factory gift box.

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