Black Sea Stone Porcelain Stud Earring / Round

Article Number SW02

28,00 €

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MATERIAL: High-temperature (1280°C) fired porcelain , transparent glaze, sterling silver earring posts

SIZE: Porcelain / diameter 11 mm


NOTE: The item will be wrapped with Cookie Factory gift box. It does not include porcelain cookies.

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More than 46 hours

Each one of the Cookie Factory porcelain earrings takes at least three weeks to make from start to finish – from preparing the colored porcelain (raw material), to screening, to combining the layers, to shaping, to drying, to sanding, to glazing and finally firing. I fired the porcelain with 1280°C to ensure its stability and quality. Firing takes about 10 hours and another 36 hours for cooling the high temperature down. Once the porcelain pieces are taken out of the kiln, I control each one before combining it with the earring posts and uploading it to my online inventory. It’s a multi-step process, and that’s just on the manufacturing side. Behind the finished pattern designs, there are more “unsuccessful” experiments. In short, working with porcelain is a long process, which requires time and patience.

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