Black Line Porcelain Stud Earring / Round / Black Stripe In White

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Line porcelain stud earring in round shape. This pattern is made of fine layering of elegent deep black and pure white.

The earrings are hand crafted in my studio. The patterns are not painted. Insteads, they are different layers of colored porcelain based on my own recipes. Once one layer is dry, another layer will be coated. This technique takes time(depends on how many lines(layers)) and lots of patient. After the porcelain body is finish, it will be sanded per hand into the right shape. This working process ensures the smooth surface.

Ready to ship. Track number included. Hand crafted in Germany.


MATERIAL: Porcelain, stainless steel earring posts

SIZE: Porcelain / diameter 11 mm


NOTE: The item will be wrapped with Cookie Factory gift box. It does not include porcelain cookies.

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