Pure White Porcelain Earring Holder

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This small porcelain cookie holds the stud earrings for you!


You can pack the earrings with the cookie for gift giving and surprise the person, who will receive this gift. You can organize your earring collection with these adorable cookies to make you a good mood every day. Or you can present the jewelry pieces with them to impress your customers. Due to the carefully selected colors, the porcelain cookies are made to harmonize with jewelry in a very wide range. You can create your own color combinations of earrings and earring holders. The color is completely dyed into the porcelain body to let the cookie look real and delicious. To ensure its quality, the porcelain cookies are fired with 1280 degree.


Hand crafted in Germany.


MATERIAL: Porcelain, transparent glaze

SIZE: Diameter 35 mm


NOTE: Please note that this listing includes one piece of porcelain cookie. It does not include earrings. For wholesale and orders with large amount please write me at hey@cookie-factory.com. Thank you. 

Before placing an order, please read the return policy.

How to used the small porcelain cookies:

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