Square Wooden Earring Holder

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These cookies are earring holders. Since most of stud earrings are small and easy to get loose, the cookies are made to keep them in an organized condition and let the user find the earrings in pair quickly.


The big cookie is for holding earrings at home. The small one is ideal for organizing small studs while traveling.


The cookies are made of wood board. Each piece is sanded per hand with 220 grit fine garnet sandpaper and applied with high quality furniture oil, which provides a hard-wearing, water-resistant satin finish.



MATERIAL: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), furniture oil

SIZE: 105 x 63 mm / 63 x 49 mm



CARE: Always keep the cookies in dry condition. By cleaning, it only requires a piece of dry textile to wipe the dust. 


NOTE: Items will be wrapped with Cookie Factory's package. It does not include any earrings.

Each wood board has slight color variations and it is a natural part of the material. 


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